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Remarkable Care for People Living with HIV

We offer compassionate, affirming, and professional HIV/AIDS medical care and supportive services to the community. TPQC case management is largely funded by the Ryan White Part B program, federal funding made available to provide integrated, high quality HIV/AIDS care and services to people who are uninsured or under-insured. We work closely with other HIV providers in our community to ensure that referrals and coordination of care is seamless.

TPQC is also able to serve individuals living with HIV who may be over-income or not yet ready to engage in case management services in obtaining medication as well as accessing health benefits counseling and supportive community programming. TPQC offers three main pillars of support to those living with HIV:

Case Management & Healthy Living

Health care and resource assistance for those enrolled in Medical Case Management:

HIV Medical Case Management is an evidence-based (meaning: proven effective by research!) program to ensure that people with HIV can not only live with HIV but thrive.

Individuals receiving these services meet a minimum of 2x/year with their case managers to discuss their goals and to collaborate in accomplishing them.

These goals can also be tied directly to financial resources and can help individuals with services including:

  1. Support finding a new apartment and paying the first month’s rent.
  2. Find a new health insurance plan to greatly reduce the cost of copays.
  3. Enroll in the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) to get HIV meds for free.
  4. Assistance in paying dental bills so you can finally make that appointment you’ve put off.
  5. Short-term financial assistance with utilities, including phone minutes.
  6. Bus passes and medical appointment transportation.
  7. Food bank support and nutrition and dietary services.

Interested in enrolling? Call today to begin the intake process: (309) 762-5433

Community & Social Engagement

Supportive social events and opportunities to lead as a person living with HIV:

TPQC realizes that living with HIV makes you a member of a unique community, full of people who can finally relate to the experiences you have lived through that may have once felt isolating.

As a result, we provide social offerings and supportive services to anyone living with HIV, even if they are not enrolled in case management.

These events can include:

  1. Community mixers and meet & greets throughout the Quad City Area.
  2. Community advisory board opportunities to demonstrate your leadership skills in making TPQC a more effective provider of care.
  3. Adult education opportunities, including classes on money management, living wills and end-of-life planning, and holistic wellness.
  4. Access to mental health services with clinical providers who understand the needs specific to people living with HIV as well as members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Interested in learning more? Call today to learn more about our current offerings—ask for Tici: (309) 762-5433

Health Coverage Support

Benefit navigation and support to the community at large:

TPQC is in business to end all future HIV infections and to ensure those living with HIV are getting their needs supported.

We understand that the costs associated with caring for yourself when you live with HIV can be very high, and work to eliminate any high costs related to HIV medication so that staying on treatment is never a barrier to someone’s health.

We can assist you with insurance navigation, benefits counseling, open enrollment periods, and cost relief through our on-site clinical pharmacy and support staff.

Interested in receiving additional support or obtaining answers to any questions you may have about coverage or free/low-cost fills? Call today to learn more: (309) 762-5433

Other Resources Include

HIV services are typically FREE to anyone living with HIV/AIDS regardless of income level. We serve both Iowa and Illinois residents.

Questions? Call today to speak with one of our case managers (309) 762-5433

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