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Hepatitis C Testing & Treatment

Early detection is the key to better health!

Hepatitis C is a virus usually spread when blood from a person infected with the hepatitis C virus enters the body of someone who is not infected. Hepatitis refers to inflammation of the liver.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 30 people may have Hep C but don’t even know it. Since testing the blood supply in the United States for infectious agents didn’t begin until until 1992, there is a large segment of the population that should get tested to make sure that they are not infected with Hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C is curable – and the good news is the cure rate is quickly approaching 100%. Untreated Hepatitis C can cause scarring of the liver (cirrhosis). As the disease progresses, symptoms such as skin problems, blood disorders, and fever may appear. In the long term, hepatitis C can lead to severe liver damage, liver cancer, and liver failure. Early treatment will help delay or prevent serious damage.

Who should get tested?

  • Born between 1945 and 1965 (Baby Boomers)
  • Former or current person sharing needles, syringes, or other equipment to prepare or inject drugs
  • Having sexual contact with a person infected with the hepatitis C virus
  • Needlestick injuries in health care settings
  • Being born to a mother who has hepatitis C
  • Sharing personal care items that may have come in contact with another person’s blood, such as razors or toothbrushes
  • Getting a tattoo or body piercing in an unregulated setting
  • You were treated for a blood clotting problem before 1987
  • You received a blood transfusion or organ transplant before July, 1992
  • You are on long-term hemodialysis treatment
  • You were ever incarcerated
  • You are a sexually active persons about to start Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV exposure
  • You have had unexplained chronic liver disease and/or chronic hepatitis including elevated liver enzymes

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