Hardware: iPhone/iPad, Current Version: 3.2, Released: October 11, 2016

iTrash is the mobile version of a great card game for adults & kids alike (referred to as Trash or Garbage). Players are dealt cards which they try to get rid of by drawing cards and assembling in front of them in numeric order, gradually reducing the cards they have with each round. It can be a great tool to help kids learn counting skills.

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Clock Solitaire

Hardware: iPhone/iPad, Current Version: 2.1, Released: October 12, 2016

A challenging, fun and educational card game for adults and kids alike! It even offers a setting to increase your odds of winning. It can even be a great tool to help children become more familiar with the layout of a clock.

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My State Fair - Iowa 2011

Hardware: iPhone/iPod touch, Current Version: 1.1, Released: Aug 16, 2011 - No longer for sale

Developed right here in Iowa, we created My State Fair - Iowa 2011 to enhance your state fair experience. Features include the ability to discover daily events, attractions, shows and food & drink activities at the fair. Find out what activities are going on the day you visit the fair. Create your own itinerary. Locate activities on your iPhone's Google map. Learn what fair items are trending.

Since the event has passed, this app is no longer available for download